Deception Detection In Non Verbals, Linguistics And Data.

Melania Trump Plagiarises Michelle Obama Speech

Jarrett Hill first noticed the close similarities of Melania Trump's Speech to Michelle Obama's 2008 speech --

The paragraphs in question are very close:
from:NPR Politics

Running both full speeches through the anti plagiarism detection software Jstylo from Drexel University along with 60 extra random emails from Enron to act as placebo and using a bayesian text classifier gives this:

The anti plagiarism software picks Michelle Obama 2008 speech as the closest match to Melania's speech 2016. In this case it is 100% sure.

Trump is running at 76% lies in his statements according to verification website Politifact's truth-o-meter, and his wife seems to have acquired the deception habit too.

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